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Stairway to Hell in Milano

November 16th, 2012 · Sabri - Milano · No Comments

Stairway to Hell – facce da alleycat – Milano 2012 from Circle Entertainment on Vimeo.

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Red Hook Criterium in Milano 2012

November 9th, 2012 · Sabri - Milano · No Comments

Red Hook Criterium 2012 from Circle Entertainment on Vimeo.

Circle Entertaiment

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Honolulu Bike Prom

October 10th, 2012 · Nimzi - Honolulu · No Comments

Honolulu’s first BIKE PROM was a collaboration event by KVIBE, The ARTS at Marks Garage, The Kickstand, Bike Shorts Hawaii Film Festival, Sau Hsu, Dieter Runge, Ambika, HNL Bike Polo and Malia Harunaga. additional support by Jonathon Lott, Cycle Manoa, Jeremy Pang, Dylan Botelho, Jonathan Lau, and Sergio Garzon. Gratitude to all the bicyclists who allowed for their bicycles to be displayed. all photos are copyrighted by Jonathon Lott, Malia Harunaga, Ilana Nimz, and Michael Keany. For the bike month feature, the art gallery was full of floating bikes from all genres of cycling, had pictures from ladies bike events, and artwork by fellow riders relating to bicycles.

The KVIBE kids provided a bike valet service:

Jade rocked a full-on prom gown (she really biked in it!)

The KVIBE kids made an arch out of bicycle parts!

Assorted cute bike “Prom Pics”

And some pics from the Bikes @ Marks show

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Portland Design Works

September 15th, 2012 · Nimzi - Honolulu · No Comments

Via a Hawaii connection, I was introduced to Dan, co-founder of Portland Design Works while visiting Oregon for a tree conference in August. PDW has created a range of innovative cycling products that consider safety, durability, comfort and style. Major cool points when you rock these products. They’ve acquired a building in NE Portland and Dan gave me a tour of their spot.

They’ve got a giant space, complete with a PDW basketball hoop

The meeting loft with a lookbook featuring articles about their awesome products

Office for the important business stuff with Erik

Great rooftop view of the city

Ping pong table.. most important room in the place

Additionally, PDW is the home of the only Circulus in the world!

Fantastic PDW classy unique product picks: Danger Zone Light, Takeout Basket, 3wrencho

Please check out the website, read their blog, get a cool light… etc.

Cheers to Dan for the tour!

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Tour des Trees

August 25th, 2012 · Nimzi - Honolulu · No Comments

Every year for an annual conference regarding trees, cycling arborists gather together for the Stihl Tour des Trees. The Tour is a 5-day cycling trip covering over 500 miles in the country or state where the conference is held, with the intent to raise funds for the TREE fund, a tree research organization. Over 100 cyclists participated in the 2012 Tour in Oregon, USA. I was unable to participate in the full tour, but joined in the last day for a 30mile ride around Portland, OR for the Ride for Research.

All the tour riders in their matching attire gather for the final day of their ride

In good tree humor, the ribbon to celebrate the beginning of the ride is cut with a Stihl chainsaw, complete with the protective equipment donned over the spandex

Rolling out of Holladay Park

Some happy Ride for Research participants

Beautiful Oregon day

Nearly finished with the Tour

And a Tree themed ride would not be complete without custom made wooden bicycles!

Through the Tour des Trees, the TREE fund raised over $500,000 for grants and scholarships to improve knowledge and technology regarding trees. Next year, the tour will be held in Toronto, Canada.. hopefully I can make it to the whole tour and that some of you may participate as well!

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Illustration: Bicycle Tree

August 24th, 2012 · Sari - Jakarta · 2 Comments

Natasha Kim

source :

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The Return of Punani Pedal Club!

August 20th, 2012 · Nimzi - Honolulu · 1 Comment

I’ve been away on another field season and have not had the opportunity to organize bike rides, so this ride marks the return of the Hawaii lady cycling group Punani Pedal Club. Though the turnout was small, we had a lovely ride to Christmas Tree park, through Waikiki and then to Kakaako Park for firedancing.

Couchsurfer Diane joined us while visiting Hawaii, borrowing Louise’s bike

Jade being excited about Sau’s organization represented on his new team jersey

My friend Smiles decided to join the ride after a long day at work

Molly relaxing before biking home

Diane poses with the wonderful photographer of the Punani Pedal ride, Mike Keany

Sau trying out the safe version of Firedancing with light sticks

Amazing group picture from Christmas Tree Park in Kaimuki

Thanks Michael Keany for documenting the ride with the wonderful photo memories.

Thanks to the lovely people that showed up and hope to see more Hawaii ladies on upcoming rides!

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Alleycat Race “Kamseupay Elyket” – JKT

July 1st, 2012 · Sari - Jakarta · No Comments

Taman Menteng, Jakarta

big glowing smile! 1st place winner, Mr.Mad & Sam Koweb

What do you get when you hangout with friends, riding bicycles, seeking clue for the right city statue landmarks as check points and in pairs? yup in pairs!. This very fun spontaneous event called “Kamseupay Elyket”. All team up in pairs and race to get check points in some of Jakarta Landmarks Statues, Mr.Mad & Sam Koweb won the 1st place, good team work gain awesome prizes and a very big smile.

This event supported by Jakarta Fixed Fest, ID-FixedARFXWoofCyclonesia, FuFuFu,Fixed BanditSumvelo, FXFW and Jakarta Bikerack.

photo by John Navid

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June 29th, 2012 · Sari - Jakarta · No Comments

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How a bicycle is made

May 23rd, 2012 · Anja - Berlin · No Comments

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