America's Worst Junk Food. These 16 Foods Are Bad

Pop Tarts Pop Tarts have been advertised as a quick breakfast for decades. Never start your day with a Pop Tart. The sweet squares are constructed with three refined sugars and are quite sugary.

Pop Tarts contain processed foods and few nutrition. If you desire nutritious cuisine, avoid this popular snack

Nutella Nutella is made with healthful hazelnuts but is highly processed and high in sugar and oil. The 21 grams of sugar in each spoonful of Nutella negate the nuts' nutritious value.


Make homemade Nutella if you crave its delightful taste. Less processing than store-bought improves its health score

Doritos Doritos are heavy in fat, sodium, and calories. They fill you up but provide few nutrition. 

 Doritos' tasty artificial flavors are lab-made. Dorito is not healthy or natural.

Cheetos Cheesy Cheetos are another snack that fills you up without providing vitamins or minerals. Cheetos are heavy in sodium, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

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