Best 10 Weight Loss Breakfasts

Avocado toast with salmon and mild cream cheese Top whole wheat toast with light cream cheese, avocado, and chopped smoked salmon for breakfast

 Sprinkle salt, pepper, and dried or fresh herbs. Add lime or lemon juice, and voilà! Whole-wheat toast has belly-filling fiber, and salmon and avocado are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which aid digestion

.Egg toast avocado This avocado toast variant has minerals, healthy fats, and protein to keep you full until lunchtime. 


Toast whole-wheat bread and mash a quarter avocado. Spread avocado on bread and squeeze lemon juice. Add a sunny-side-up egg and salt and pepper. 

 Chia-chocolate pudding made ahead

Due to its trace minerals, protein, and vitamins, chia pudding makes a great breakfast. When expanded, chia provides satiety and pairs well with many foods.Strawberry smoothie bow

Honey-lemon water Start your morning with water to boost your body's fat-burning mechanism. Citrus fruits like lime and grapefruit increase stomach acidity and bile production, which aids protein and fat digestion. 

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