Best American Foods Worldwide

Lobster Rolls Lobster rolls are the most indulgent American cuisine, made famous by New Englanders. Lobster meat and mayonnaise in a soft roll are loved globally, especially by US tourists.

 However, lobster rolls are outrageously pricey, with most costing $25 or more! A particularly American meal is worth the tiny price

Smoked Brisket Everyone remembers the first time they had flawlessly slow-cooked smoked brisket, regardless of nationality. The richness and flavor of smoked brisket 


 was something many visitors to the US couldn't enjoy at home, making it a life-changing gastronomic experience.Y

Yum Lime Pie The unusual flavor of this delicacy often surprises foreigners. Is it cake

 Chocolate Chip Cookies The world is jealous of Americans' dessert and sweet baking skills! Chocolate chip cookies are unique since no other country can make them. 

 Gooey American style is enticing. Chocolate chip cookies are called American cookies in Vietnam. As a childhood lover of Philly cheesesteaks, I can attest that there's nothing quite like the original cheesesteak.

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