Both savory and sweet pies exist in her cultures, but pie is arguably the most American of all delicacies

 Nobody says "As American as a chocolate chip cookie" or "As easy as angel food cake," and we don't use pie charts to illustrate our points.

According to the American Pie Council - further evidence of the dessert's importance in the United States; there is almost certainly no Conseil Francais 


de la Tarte - the average American consumes at least six slices of pie per year, with four of those slices consumed during the holidays. 

(Apple pie is our preference, but pumpkin, cherry, and lemon meringue pies are also quite popular

Despite the fact that many home bakers now use pre-baked pie crusts, pies remain a fixture on diner menus and are sold everywhere from supermarkets to farm stands

University, and The Daily Meal, as well as numerous local and regional sites, to determine the top pie shops in each state. Priority was given to shops specializing in pies (often with "pie" in the name), but we also included bakeries with a broader focus 

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