Best Cat Breeds for Each Horoscope Sign

Cats may be low-maintenance pets compared to their canine counterparts, but they shouldn’t be underestimated.  

The International Cat Association recognizes 73 different cat breeds — all of which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and, of course, distinct personality traits.  

One of the most energetic horoscope signs — and possibly one of the more demanding ones — Aries needs a cat with an equally adventurous nature. 


The Aby loves to explore and definitely isn’t scared to take risks. With a tendency to climb to the highest spots in the house, this is a breed that will literally take Aries 

Independent, confident Aries is best suited to a high-energy, fun-loving cat. The Siberian is a thoroughly playful puss that retains a kittenish high spirit well into adulthood. 

Another good match for Aries is a Siamese. They both love to socialize and will strike a conversation with just about anyone. 

The Siamese combination of intelligence and warmth makes it a great addition to any cat-loving household, and it might not go anywhere for a long time.  

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