Best Daily Exercises for Over-50 Women to Slim Down

 Planks Pertile demonstrates Pilates plank. She tells you to visualize your body as a plank or board. No matter the angle, stay "flat like a board.

 drop to the floor. Walk your feet back to lengthen your legs after placing your forearms and knees on the ground. 

Full-body exercise! Imagine pulling the waist into the midline, stimulating glutes and hamstrings, and keeping a neutral spine. A plank with a neutral spine has a natural curve


Twisted spine Prepare for spine twists. "The spine twist is an amazing exercise for whittling the waist," Pertile says

Spinal health and core stability depend on mobility in all planes of motion, which many of us lack daily."

 Half Roll-Back "What makes this exercise a 'ab whittler' is the focus on drawing the navel to the spine, or scooping the core to flex the lower lumba

 Lateral Flexion "Lateral spine flexibility is essential for daily function. Consider how often we take something from the side "Pertile says. "Lateral flexion supports these movements and strengthens pelvic stability 

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