Best Short Hairstyles for Older Women

As our hair gets a little thinner with age – and I know about this phenomenon first hand – short hair is often the way to go 

Denise starts by reminding us of two important things. First, short hair can look quite masculine, so, it’s important to make sure that it has some height and movement. 

Adding a little bit of volume and short wispy bangs create a super feminine look. Keep the color closest to your scalp color if your hair is thinning out. 


This is a great hairstyle option when you are leaving your hair color grow out and your beautiful natural grey grow in. 

Annie Lennox also has a gamine haircut. She's glowing and natural. Annie chose this haircut, just past grey, to express her aging.

Some hair colors look great with highlights and lowlights. You can add dark lowlights at the scalp and selected strands to your short pixie to give it more texture. 

This gamine pixie cut looks great with the longer side-swept bangs. This short hairstyle looks good on most face shapes, but especially if you have a long oval face.  

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