Cats with the Highest Average Prices

Characteristics of the Norwegian Forest Cat include its long, glossy fur, which comes in a variety of stunning hues and pattern

Cost around $700 on average If you're seeking for the softest cat money can buy, go no further than the Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian forest cats have a long, glossy double coat that serves a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one. The Norwegian forest cat's water-resistant fur is a reminder that it was developed for survival in cold climates,


Norwegian forest cats are known to jump and climb with ease, surprising their owners by resting contentedly on bookcases and refrigerators.

.The Mau of Egypt Distinguishing features: A one-of-a-kind spotted coat Up to $800 is about the norm.

The Egyptian mau is unique among domesticated cat breeds in that it has spots without deriving from a wild hybrid mix.

This breed is around the size of a medium dog, and its silky coat comes in silver, bronze, and smoke

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