Dinner Ideas for Asians

Sesame Chicken Stiff Sesame Chicken is wonderful. This recipe makes a great sesame glaze. Cook a pot of rice and serve for a delicious supper.

Chinese Garlic Sauce Love restaurant-style Chinese Garlic Sauce? Homemade is a million times better. So hard to believe. Try this simple recipe to see how easy and wonderful it is

 Healthy Pork Fried Rice This Healthy Pork Fried Rice is delicious and easy to cook. It tastes like the restaurant version sans MSG


Shrimp Pad Thai Healthy Pad Thai is nutritious if prepared properly. Healthy Shrimp Pad Thai illustrates you can eat healthy without sacrificing flavo

Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Let your slow cooker make this Slow Cooker Honey Sesame for dinner. Just make a side of rice to serve.

 Easy Miso Soup Miso soup might be difficult to cook, depending on the recipe. The Easy Miso Soup simplifies the equation. Do this in minutes. 

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is a terrific way to spice up any food. The sweetness and spiciness always elevate your cooking.

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