Do I want a cat or dog? in the US

Consider your character. Everypaw vet Dr. Anna Foreman says dogs and cats have different needs because they are different animals

 According to personality, some individuals like cats' independence while others prefer dogs' friendliness. However, until 16 weeks of age, both species can vary depending on their nurture.”

Even within the same species, breeds can vary greatly.  The autonomous personalities of cats are more common in low-maintenance dog breeds.


 However, some of the most affectionate cat breeds can surprise people with their dog-like warmth and neediness. Abused or street animals may struggle to adjust to a household.

Which animal suits your lifestyle? Consider your lifestyle. Install one of the best microchip cat flaps so cats can come and go as they like and stay home longer. S

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.Dogs need frequent socialization and potty breaks, so Dr. Foreman advises against leaving them alone for more than four hours. She continues.

In addition, evaluate how active your home is. A cat may not like a large family, frequent visitors, and other pets. If they have outdoor access, they may depart and find a new home. 

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