Eat Cheap Meals That Will Make You Forget Takeout

Chicken Stew Comforting and hearty chicken stew is excellent for any night of the week. A thick, savory stew warms the soul with tender chicken chunks, veggies, herbs, and a creamy broth

Rice with Smoked Sausage Quick and easy Smoked Sausage and Rice adds smokiness to your dinner. A one-pot supper with juicy smoked sausage, aromatic spices, peppers, onions, and rice is tasty and affordable. 

Chicken Fried Rice Chicken Fried Rice is a quick and tasty dish. This leftover rice meal has juicy chicken, fresh vegetables, and the proper sauces and seasonings. 


Sausage and Potatoes Sausage and potatoes are a budget-friendly, satisfying, and tasty meal. This quick and flavorful supper is easy to make. The great comfort food without the high cost!

Chicken Alfredo A budget-friendly, decadent dinner is creamy chicken Alfredo. Serve spaghetti with a tasty sauce for a cheap and fillin

Chicken Buffalo Pasta Buffalo chicken spaghetti adds flavor to dinner. This spicy recipe combines tender chicken in buffalo sauce, al dente pasta, creamy ranch dressing, and blue cheese

Meatball Stew Tender meatballs, veggies, and fragrant broth make this dish hearty. This classic recipe is ideal for cold days and full of flavor. Serve with fresh bread for a great dinner.

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