Get a full-body workout in 30 minutes with a personal trainer.

Plan ahead To incorporate good workouts into your busy life, Peña suggests being proactive in scheduling time for exercise

She suggests starting your workouts in the morning to avoid being too tired, busy, or distracted later in the day. 

Doing it in the morning gives you the rest of the day to do everything you're committed to.Exercises that fit your workout warm up If you're short on time


Peña suggests targeting the muscles you'll be working out to improve your warm-up efficiency.

To prepare for deadlifts, Peña suggests warming up with planks for core strength, single-leg unweighted deadlifts

Do one or two 15-rep sets and you're ready. A good warm-up will help you fire up the right muscles and focus on form to maximize each rep.

There's no universal workout. Consider your goals and training experience when determining the number of sets, reps, and recovery between sets,

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