Heart-Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

These oatmeal cups are like a delicious cross between a muffin and oatmeal muffin. Pecans add a nutty taste, and fresh blueberries and banana add sweetness

Just 40 seconds in the microwave should do it. This nutritious muffin is based on Carolyn Casner's beloved Baked Banana-Nut Oatmeal Cups.

These muffins are packed with savory and healthy ingredients like mashed banana and grated carrot.


These bite-sized energy balls are great for prepping ahead of time. These energy balls with oats, almonds, dates, and cranberries can be thrown together in a flash. 

Flaxseed meal, which becomes gelatinous when combined with water, stands in for the eggs and gives this tasty, moist bread its structure.

Cacao nibs join forces with dried blueberries and pecans to create a chocolatey snack that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Although the cacao is slightly more bitter than chocolate

Kefir, like yogurt, is a good source of probiotics for the digestive system. It's still nutritious, but it has less carbs and a smoother texture, making it ideal for smoothies

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