Which sport Is Best for Weight Loss?

CrossFit: This high-intensity, functional fitness program incorporates cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics. 

Running: Sprinting and distance running burn calories. Quickly covering distances requires a lot of energy.

Swimming: Water resistance works the whole body, burning calories. It also has joint-friendly properties.


Cycling involves numerous muscle groups and may be intensified, making it a versatile calorie-burner on a stationary bike or outdoors.

Basketball: Basketball burns many calories due to its quick tempo, frequent direction changes, and sprinting.

Boxing: Combining punches, jabs, and footwork in boxing workouts improves cardiovascular health and burns more calories.Age, gender, and heredity affect the body's basic metabolic rate, or number of calories burned during rest. 

.Sprinting and weightlifting burn more calories per minute than strolling or yoga.

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