Popular Foods That Are Not All That Good

Avocado Bread Avocado Toast is a brunch specialty that caters to the Instagram generation, a group of millennials who prefer a dish that looks delectable 

 Delicious gold Not only is edible gold ostentatious, but caterers who include it on the menu are the absolute worst! One man explain

Huge Hamburgers When it comes to food portions, bigger is better, but when burgers are oversized, it borders on disaster for many consumers. 


It rapidly transforms into a "burger salad," and everything is eaten with a fork. Eating a burger should not be a depressing, salad-like experience.

The lobster Due to the exorbitant price of lobster and the unsettling manner in which it is typically prepared — boiled alive — many people avoid consuming this delicacy

Any Dish Costing More Than $30 Numerous diners claim they never spend more than $30 on a restaurant dinner. Their reasoning is straightforward: once you pay more than tha

.Burritos from Chipotle. Fans of this Mexican fast-casual restaurant chain should look aside! One diner admits, "Don't get me wrong, the food is pretty good."

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