Rare, Cute, and Interesting Cat Breeds

They are extremely interactive cats that bond with their human family with great devotion." They will beckon you to play games with them and dazzle you by catching toys (or bugs!) in mid-air 

Bombays can be leash-trained, and they enjoy playing fetch—though they're not dependent on their human to toss a toy over and over again. They are keen on creating their own fun and entertainment. 

The Ocicat was the delightful and unexpected result of experimental breeding to produce an Abypoint Siamese. The parents, an Abyssinian and Siamese, gave birth to the striking breed known as the Ocicat 


The emperor demanded that the geishas and other high-ranking officials release their pets to hunt the rats that were eating the silkworms 

The Egyptian Mau is probably our oldest known breed. You can see images of them in murals in the pyramids, hunting birds with hunters 

It's an entirely unique experience to pet one, as the coat springs back when touched. Personality-wise, they're affectionate and good-natured, and a delayed maturity  

A cat with tight curly hair is rare, indeed! These cats are Cornish, meaning they originate from Cornwall, England, and "the 'Rex' is from the rabbit fancy 

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