See All Fall 2023 Nail Trends

vivid colors over the summer of 2023, but experts believe our nails will go back to fundamentals once the weather cools. "I think autumn nail trends this year will be very chic and minimalistic

Tortoiseshell nails are definitely a fall 2023 trend. This fad involves painting nails in a tortoiseshell pattern (brown with darker, hazy spots). Added bonus? Choosing this appearance will make you twice trendy

They have an orange, brown, and black speckled design like a tortoise shell "Jin Soon Choi, founder of JINsoon Spas and Nail Lacquers, told Byrdie. It's about stacking and blobbing colors


That means you can add some color to your mani instead of sticking to neutrals. "Melted metallics and iridescent silver finishes give nails an out-of-this-world, virtual-reality feel

As fall approaches, we all consider adding orange to our life to match autumn's most popular fruit (pumpkins). Orange will have its time again in 2023, but with a twist

Give the minimalist French manicure a try to stay neutral but add some flair to your fingertips. "This style is excellent for folks who seek enjoyable, understated nail art. For a simple manicure that can be worn day or night

Opal manicures, another autumn 2023 trend, provide some excitement to your nails. Pinks, light blues, and lilacs glow on white or neutral backgrounds (doubling trendiness)

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