Taste-Boosting Fresh Tomatoes

Besides bread, this classic combination just requires tomatoes and mayonnaise. Spread mayo on both sides of the bread and place a thick, juicy tomato in the centre

Even the most basic cooks need the two seasonings, which are often on restaurant tables for last-minute additions. While pepper is hot, salt enriches everything it touches. Salt and sodium are fundamental to life

while pepper is merely a passenger. Who originally combined salt and pepper? It appears that the French created this match made in heaven, which has gone worldwide and was popular in the US


Olive oil and balsamic have the same success as salt and pepper in this wacky world. The combination's flavor and mouthfeel are robust, so it's no surprise that these delectable liquids 

Mediterranean cuisine relies on tomatoes and basil. Plenty of recipes employ the two items together, especially pizza and spaghetti, but we like them fresh. Sweet and peppery

Almost every US pizza parlor serves three things: Sprinkle parmesan, red pepper flakes, and dried oregano. Its green, flaky, strongly aromatic, and delicious herb elevates Mediterranean cookery.

Slice beefsteak tomatoes horizontally with a sharp knife. This makes slices more consistent. The stem is chewy and fibrous, so remove it. Grind dried oregano in your palms and softly sprinkle tomato slices.

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