Top American house-friendly dog breeds

The famously loyal and calm Skye terriers are lovely couch companions who are not particularly active but do benefit from a long, leisurely daily walk. 

These pups may be on the smaller side, but they act like big dogs—not in that they're dominant or aggressive, but that they are proud and confident. 

These scruffy, cute terriers aren't pretentious or fancy looking. They have a purpose-driven history as working farm dogs, providing them a curious, exploratory nature that is not too excitable 


These funny-looking "ape terriers," as some have called them, are confident, curious, and playful. Their notoriously silly nature will keep you smiling around the house. 

Somewhat larger than your average cocker spaniel, the field spaniel stands about 17–18 inches at the shoulder. They're known for being smart, mild-tempered companions who love to please their humans. 

This snub-nosed pup with its famous silky coat is curious and well behaved, almost never barks, and is a happy presence around the house. If you're seeking friendship of a regal degree 

These stocky, small-yet-heavy dogs are mellow and proud, but have their silly moments. Clumbers are great indoors, but also love a good long walk, and in many cases, even a swim 

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