Top Disobedient Dog Breeds

 Akita Akitas were originally sent to guard Japanese aristocracy but later employed to hunt wild wildlife. Affectionate pups, their protecting instincts make them suspicious of outsiders.

Therefore, they need a skilled trainer to educate them social and animal interactions. 

 Lakeland Terrier The Lakeland terrier, like other terriers, is bold and lively and needs lots of exercise and attention.


 Intelligent dogs become bored with repetition, so keep training sessions brief.

 Lhasa Apso Although they look like cute lap dogs, Lhasa apsos are one of the strongest and most stubborn little dog breeds. 

Bull Terrier Friendly, enthusiastic bull terriers are sometimes compared to children for their mischief. They are headstrong dogs that push the limits throughout training to see how far

Their charming, humorous personalities make them hard to resist, but training and discipline are essential.

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