Unknown Rare Dog Breeds

The English Foxhound Despite its popularity abroad, the English Foxhound is one of the rarest breeds in the US. These energetic dogs thrive in the countryside where they can run free

.Estrela Mountain Dog Portuguese gigantic mountain dogs are among the oldest breeds. Their loyalty, devotion, and protection are well-known.

Finnish Spitz This fox-like breed hunts small and large wildlife. Finnish Spitzen are independent, stubborn, and "talkative.


Hovawart These security dogs were developed in Germany. Their name means "guardian of estates." Their training can be difficult, so only experienced dog owners should try them.

Lagotto Romagnolo This Italian working breed demands mental and physical activity. The dogs were once waterfowl hunters but are now truffle hunters

Catahoula Leopard Dog Meet the Louisiana state dog! After Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, the Catahoula Leopard Dog can survive the state's jungles and wetlands.

.Pumi This vibrant, active medium-small sheep dog from Hungary has the cutest expressions. Despite being easy to train, they're vocal.

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