Velcro Cats That Love to Snuggle All Day

LaPerm It's easy to tell a LaPerm cat from others. In the 1980s, a gene for wooly, wavy fur was identified, marking the beginning of the breed.

Their gentle curls are a trademark, but what sets them apart is their charming personality. They're warm and inviting, and many LaPerms would love to sit on your lap as you watch a movie.

Ocicat The ancestry of ocicats includes the world's largest velcro cats, the Siamese and the Abyssinian. Even though ocicats have their own unique appearanc


they are essentially the same as their cuddly forebears. In general, ocicats are friendly and gregarious, both at home and when meeting new people. 

Serengeti: A Recap by Ocicat Although many people are drawn to Bengal cats because of their remarkable appearance, their hyperactive nature makes them unsuitable pets for most people.

The Serengeti cat, a hybrid between the Bengal and the Oriental Shorthai

Rex of Selkirk The Selkirk Rex is about as laid-back as cats get. Their big cheeks and stocky bodies are complemented by their long, curly coats, making them an adorable sight. 

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