Weekly Love Horoscope Favors 3 Zodiac Signs

This week, August 14–20, 2023, sees you accepting some of your romantic relationship's unexpected characteristics. 

This week's love success depends on logic, which may make you chuckle because you don't consider yourself a logic-based person, but it will make you feel confident in your choices.

The week's astrological transits bring wonderful energy, and it's up to you to accept it. Unconsciously opening to them will deepen your grasp of the big picture.


You always knew that maintaining a relationship would take work, but you always suspected that if you applied common sense and respect to the romance

This week, August 14–20, 2023, will make you sure you did the correct choice, and if you and your partner have had tough moments, they're only building bricks. You plan to use what you learnt through hard times now

You and your spouse may have achieved a 'understanding.' This week, August 14–20, 2023, may be cause for celebration. That may not sound romantic, but practicality may go a long way, and Aquarius

Your willingness to cooperate with your partner indicates you love them. You feel joyful when they feel appreciated, etc.

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