What Pastry to Eat for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries are fierce zodiac adventurers. You're full of life and willing to explore new things. Because of your active lifestyle, you appreciate quick, portable meals. 

Tauruses have good taste. You're dominated by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure. You have high criteria for new experiences, especially food.

Geminis - Your tastes change daily, so you're always open to new things. In reality, the best moments in life happen when you're not planning them


Cancers are zodiac homebodies. As natural nurturers, you create warm environments everywhere. All your love and compassion for others goes into your food

Leos love big, bold, and dazzling. Your eating tastes are lavish and over-the-top, like you. You want comforting, indulgent flavors. Since you love to show off

Virgos are realistic perfectionists, and you have high taste. You can be fussy because you notice every detail. You can find promise in even the most "dull" foods

Libras are always having fun. Venus rules your indulgence, so you don't mind spending if it means receiving the best. You like pastries with a good flavor balance

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