Worst to First: Fast-Food Milkshakes

McDonald's McDonald's offers one of the worst normal shakes overall. Try ordering a vanilla one and tell us it's not sugared water with texture. 

The clown redeems himself with McFlurry, which is very excellent. This soft serve delicacy with M&Ms or Oreos isn't a milkshake, thus it doesn't count in milkshake rankings. 

Burger King Burger King shakes aren't bad. They're edible. Let's experiment: recall their taste. Nothing to think of? Both of us.8. 


In-N-Out Burger We regret this for In-N-Out, but the truth is. The chain offers three kinds of these decent shakes, but it clearly cares nothing about them. Since you know them, we won't say which ones

 Chick-fil-A We know this will irritate many, but Chick-fil-A's milkshakes aren't great. We like the whipped cream. But it doesn't compensate for the bland taste. 

Also, this fast-food company is always in trouble, and drama is as tasteless as its shakes.

 Five Guys We love Five Guys' burgers and fries. However, milkshakes are its weak spot. They're not horrible, but they're expensive and lackluster.

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