Gyros The best full dinner is these shredded oyster mushroom gyros, which have the right texture and taste

Hungarian Bean Goulash Enjoy a hearty vegetarian goulash soup with beans and vegetables from Hungary

 This 30-minute dish has been passed down through generations and is excellent for weeknights.Lasagna with Lentil Bolognese


A thick lentil bolognese sauce, creamy white bechamel, and lasagna noodles make this lentil lasagna delightful. It's the ultimate comfort dish to fill you up.

TVP Meatballs With their meaty texture and savory aromas, these meatballs are the perfect substitute for conventional meatballs. With pasta and creamy marinara sauce, they make a comfortable supper

One-Pot Ratatouille This is the greatest 30-minute French summer vegetable stew in one pot. Stir up because authentic ratatouille is stovetop-cooked, not baked.

Spinach Lasagna With layers of thick marinara sauce and a tasty spinach tofu ricotta filling, this vegetarian lasagna recipe is healthy and delicious. A cozy night in with this dish is pleasant.

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